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To save polar bears and their sea ice habitat, we must take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Details...
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Thank you for everything you’re doing to reduce your carbon footprint. Scientists say it’s not too late to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to save the polar bear's sea ice habitat—and you can do your part.

First, sign our Petition for Polar Bears to ask the U.S. to show world leadership by setting a fair price on carbon. Next, check out the list compiled by PBI scientists of actions with the most impact

You can also take the challenges in our Save Our Sea Ice Campaign. They include actions at the individual, community, and policy levels, all of which are needed to stop global warming. Several of our challenges include community action toolkits:

Why community toolkits? Check out the BIG impact of individual actions when you scale them up:

And, finally, you can donate or adopt to support efforts and join us in working to get the world’s governments to establish a fair price for carbon. Carbon-based fuels are currently less expensive than many renewables because they pass on costs to future generations. A fair price for carbon will factor in those hidden costs and make renewable energy more competitive.

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