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Director Independence
Research Objectives
Education Objectives
Action Objectives
Business Sustainability Objectives


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Polar Bears International is the world's leading polar bear conservation group—dedicated to saving polar bears by saving their sea ice habitat. Our focus is on research, education, and action.

Director Independence
The Board of Directors comprises individuals with no financial interest that would benefit from involvement with PBI so as to eliminate any perceived or actual conflict of interest.

Research Goals

  • Conduct, fund, support, and guide scientific research that will help assure the future survival of polar bears
  • Analyze and present research findings through reports, publications, lectures, media interviews, and web-based tools

Education Goals

  • Base all educational programs and communications on the best available science
  • Serve as the preeminent global resource for polar bear information and education
  • Communicate the urgent need to take action on global warming to save polar bears
  • Inform and educate individuals, communities, business leaders, and policy makers on how to make a difference for the future survival of polar bears

Action Goals

  • Inspire and empower individuals, communities, business leaders, and policy-makers to take immediate steps to reduce greenhouse gases for the conservation of polar bear habitat
  • Create communities to nurture and develop a stewardship ethic that helps individuals, communities, business leaders and policy makers make responsible choices that lead to a reduction of greenhouse gases (GHGs)
  • Demonstrate measurable impacts

Business Sustainability Goals

  • Establish a mission, goals, and detailed plan, including the alignment of organizational resources (fiscal, physical and human) to achieve the vision
  • Effectively demonstrate management and transparency of donated resources
  • Develop a human resource plan that includes succession, staff development, and provides comprehensive training and evaluating

Research Objectives

  • Current population analysis
  • Habitat assessment
  • Development of public information

Education Objectives

  • Invest in and support programs that inform, educate, inspire, and empower individuals and organizations to make a difference in preserving our earth and its creatures
  • Deliver message of urgency and how to make a difference
  • Focus, in particular, on the polar bear, which represents the most susceptible casualty of climate change and human interference

Action Objectives

  • Identify action oriented people/organizations that are aligned to our vision
  • Develop appropriate conservation behavior resources that utilize the best available social science
  • Define pathways for individuals and organizations to provide leadership in their communities to reduce GHGs

Business Sustainability Objectives

  • Plan, monitor, and assess finances that support the strategic plan
  • Establish and maintain operating reserves to achieve financial stability
  • Develop a revenue plan based upon a broad spectrum of resources
  • Create an effective staff team that fosters creative learning and participation, leading to the success of the organization
  • Create an effective program that fosters creative learning and participation, leading to the success of the organization


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