Climate Alliance - Positive Pathways to Change

The PBI Climate Alliance is a roll-up-your sleeves group focused on solutions and community involvement. Here, the Milwaukee Zoo, one our partners, makes a statement about solar power at their entrance gates. Photo courtesy Milwaukee Zoo. Details...

PBI works with a variety of partners towards a common goal: saving polar bears by reducing carbon emissions to save arctic sea ice. The PBI Climate Alliance is a can-do working group focused on that goal. Through the Alliance, we train and empower individuals to effect community change.

The PBI Climate Alliance program includes:

  • A grounding in climate science
  • An understanding of the status of arctic sea ice, polar bears, and the urgent need to act
  • Training in strategies to effect community change

The program brings together key staff members at like-minded organizations that are leading the effort in their communities to reduce CO2. Participants engage in online learning experiences, attend a training session with experts, and stay connected over time with fellow ambassadors and alumni through online gatherings and social media tools.


Learn more in our Climate Alliance FAQ.