Sea Ice Losses & Temperature Trends

Sea Ice Loss Video

Take a close look at changes in the extent of arctic sea ice between 1979 to 2012. The pulsing shows the formation of sea ice in winter and the melting in summer.

The video moves fast, but pay attention to the dates in the upper right corner. As time goes on, the summer months show larger and larger sea ice losses. Red dots represent the buoys that measure the ice.

PBI thanks Ignatius G. Rigor at the University of Washington, Seattle Applied Physics Lab, who created this video.

Arctic Climate Temperature Trend

The loss of arctic sea ice correlates with the rise in arctic temperatures, as shown on the graph below. Over the last 2,000 years,

  • Green depicts a gradual cooling trend over the last 2,000 years.
  • Blue depicts decade-by-decade variations.
  • Red indicates the abrupt warming spike in recent decades.
Source: The Journal Science: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. Details...