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All about polar bears! From PowerPoints to mini posters, pictures, videos, and action toolkits, we've pulled together a variety of materials for classroom use.

Presentations (PowerPoint)

Taking Action in Your Community

Mini Poster Handouts

Mini Poster Handouts - En Français


  • Music Videos. "The Polar Bear Song" and "What if it all Means Something?"
  • Polar Bear Videos. Short videos on polar bears, from mothers and cubs to fur and behavior
  • Tundra Connections Archived Webcasts. Broadcasts from the tundra with leading polar bear scientists, climate experts, and educators
  • In Their Own Words. Interviews with two key polar bear scientists, Dr. Ian Stirling and Dr. Andrew Derocher, about polar bears and climate change


Polar Bear Facts

  • Bear Essentials. Everything you want to know about polar bears, from size to status to myths and misconceptions
  • Polar Bear FAQ.The most-asked questions about polar bears

Further Reading

Polar Bear & Climate Change Extras

Climate Literacy Principles. Handbook, published by NOAA/U.S. Climate Change Science Program, explains the science of climate change in easy to understand terms. For all ages.

PBI News. Updates, photos, and news about polar bears, climate change, and the Arctic.

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