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Polar Bears International® believes busy teachers need all the help they can get. That's why we're happy to provide access to free unit plans and lessons created by professionals on a range of topics that support national literacy standards and learning outcomes for specific school districts.

Unit Plans

Unit Plans

  • Polar Bear Tracker invites students into the world of polar bear field research. 
  • Livin' Large Like a Polar Bear delves into how polar bears are adapted for a life in the Arctic. It supports our webcast on the same topic.
  • Street View and Polar Bears uses Google Maps to explore Churchill, Manitoba, the polar bear capital of the world. Students learn what it’s like to live on the subarctic tundra—for both humans and polar bears.
  • Arctic Biodiversity investigates the arctic food web and the inter-relationships of species in the Arctic. Individual studies of the plants and animals enhance understanding of arctic biodiversity and our role in protecting these unique species.
  • Top of the World explores the fascinating physical and cultural geography of the Arctic—a diverse region of land and sea ice—and includes related classroom activities.
  • The Climate Connection empowers you and your students to become part of the momentum to make a low-carbon lifestyle the norm, not the exception.
  • IMAX To the Arctic complements the film and helps you bring a cold blast of the Arctic into your school or interpretive setting. 


  • Polar Bear Tracker Lesson Plan. Explore the world of polar bear scientists. Understand how they use radio collars to track and study polar bears in real time. Create scientific questions to investigate just like real researchers do, and learn how you can take action to help the bears.
  • Mom and Me: A Polar Bear Survival Story. Discover the connection between polar bear mothers and cubs—and explore the link between polar bear survival and sea ice. This lesson includes several activities, including a PowerPoint, crossword puzzle, and graph analysis.
  • Polar Bears in a Warming World. Explore the impacts of sea ice loss over time in a warming climate and the ensuing threats these changes may have on the arctic ecosystem and its inhabitants.
  • Extreme Ecosystems - A Biodiversity Lesson. The arctic food web is made up of fewer species and is more fragile than those in other regions of the world. This lesson plan explores the biodiversity of this extreme ecosystem.
  • Top of the World. A perfect introduction to a unit study on the Arctic. This lesson focuses on the geography of the Arctic Circle, as well as the human and environmental characteristics of the arctic region. It includes a Pre-Lesson: The Arctic vs. Antarctica, a map of the Arctic Circle, and a 66 Degrees and Me! Table.
  • Taking Action! Lesson Plan. Students will gain an understanding of the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment. With that knowledge, they'll implement an action plan of conservation behaviors.

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