International Polar Bear Day is Feb. 27th

Friday, February 11, 2011 - 13:09

Magnificent male polar bearMake plans now for this day of action on behalf of polar bears

There’s no better way to honor polar bears on their special day than taking a meaningful step (or two) to reduce CO2.  We’re inviting all of you to join us—wherever you live—by planning an activity that shows your commitment to these magnificent animals and their threatened habitat.

Here are some simple ideas to get you started:

  • Bundle up in your favorite warm clothing and turn down the heat by two degrees
  • Spring for a water heater blanket (and start wrapping up the savings)
  • Begin a No Idle habit: turn off your car engine when waiting in line—or park and walk inside

Or, do something BIG—um, polar-bear-sized:

  • Organize a community service day to add weather-stripping to houses for senior citizens, saving them money and reducing CO2
  • Gather up a team to install solar panels at your workplace or a community center
  • Hold an event like a polar bear plunge to raise awareness and funds to support PBI

We can’t wait to hear your ideas to celebrate the day! Whatever you do, have fun, spread the word—and share your thoughts and plans by tweeting them with the hashtag #polarbears or posting them on our Facebook page.

The date is less than a month away! Join us in making this a day in which we all took steps to save polar bears for future generations.

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