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PBI Arctic Allies program is for conservation-minded small businesses, organizations, or groups that want to make a meaningful contribution in support of PBI research, education, and action programs to help save polar bears and their habitat.

PBI Arctic Allies enables you to ally with a respected, science-and-fact-based organization that is working diligently and cooperatively with leading experts, organizations and companies worldwide. PBI Arctic Allies Program is a showcase for companies that:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship
  • Strive toward product/service stewardship, which PBI defines as the responsible management of a product from its inception through to its ultimate end and discontinuation
  • Challenge employees, suppliers, and customers to reduce their carbon footprints
  • Believe that the future of humankind, wildlife, and the earth's resources depends on reversing the trend of carbon emissions
  • Make conscious decisions and actions that reflect their environmental values
  • Want to see the polar bears and their habitat thrive

How to Become a PBI Arctic Ally

Polar Bears International is grateful for donations of any size. If you're interested in making a one-time contribution, hosting a one-time event, or making a series of donations that totals less than $1,000 annually, please visit the donation page of our website. You're welcome to mention in publicity about your event that contributions will go to the conservation of polar bears, but, unless we have a formal partnership, we ask that you not use our logo or make direct mention of Polar Bears International.

If you are, in fact, seeking a formal partnership with PBI, please access the Arctic Ally application here—we want to know who you are so we can better determine how we might benefit one another.

Upon acceptance of your application, you will receive an Arctic Allies Program contract and an electronic version of PBI's logo and guidelines for its use. At that time, we also ask that you please provide us with a link to your website and an electronic version of your logo.


We neither partner with nor accept endorsements from companies that do not have a stated environmental commitment. Preferably, we seek partnerships with companies that have made a commitment to climate, conservation, or energy reduction.

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