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We're all in this together! Find out how you can get involved in taking action on climate change. Artwork by St. Matthews School, Champaign, IL. Details...

At PBI, we foster the power of people working together to solve the problem of global warming. Because the good news is that since humans have caused this, humans can fix this!

A lower carbon footprint from a single person won’t make a difference for polar bears—we’re well aware of that. But we aren’t one person. All of us have friends, families, communities, and countries. And the collective impact of our efforts—household by household, community by community, country by country—is what it will take to build momentum to a solution.

Here's how to get involved:

  • My Planet, My Part is an online gathering place where you can share ideas, become inspired, commit to reducing your carbon footprint, and engage with like-minded people and groups from around the world.
  • The Save Our Sea Ice (SOS!) campaign is a series of carbon-reduction efforts to help save polar bear habitat.
  • Members of our Arctic Ambassador Center network take action on climate change on a local level. Check out what they’re doing on behalf of polar bears close to your home—and join them in their efforts.
  • Our Project Polar Bear contest teams search for creative ways to motivate and sustain the reduction of CO2 in their communities. Consider mentoring or signing up with one of these energetic groups of young people.
  • Our cycling and tree-planting efforts are community-building activities that lead to a larger green ethic and motivate action.

Team work. Cooperative programs. Strong momentum. Working together, we can solve this. And the time for action is now.

Want to learn more? Visit our Take Action! page.

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