Project Polar Bear - Bright Young Minds Outsmart CO2

The Green Dream Team, one of our past winners of our Project Polar Bear Contest, had fun and helped polar bears at the same time. Details...
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Team up and make a difference, for polar bears—and people, too!

What Is the Contest?

Project Polar Bear challenges young leaders to develop climate action plans for community projects that reduce the carbon dioxide load in the atmosphere—especially those that engage and sustain community action.

The contest can:

  • Serve as a fun and impactful service learning project
  • Instill a strong conservation ethic in our future leaders
  • Help students build their resumes for college applications 

Who Can Compete?

The contest is open to students 18 years of age or younger working in small teams or big groups. Each team must have an adult advisor, typically associated with a school, home school, zoo, museum, aquarium, science center, green club, or other-liked minded organization.

When Is the Contest Held?

Registration for the current contest is October 1-November 25, 2016. Teams will work on their projects through March 15, 2017. We'll announce the winners on April 21, 2017 in celebration of Earth Day. Then we'll open registration for the next contest in the fall!

How Can I Learn More?

Check out the contest categories and rules, read our FAQ, meet the most recent winners, and then REGISTER to help polar bears.

How Does the Contest Fit into Schools?

Project Polar Bear can be a classroom project that aligns with Next Generation Science Standards by "applying scientific standards of monitoring and minimizing human impact" (MS-ESS3-3).

Why Is the Contest Important to Polar Bear Conservation?

Over the past six years, contestants have inspired long-term change in their communities through sustainable, ongoing projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

How Can I Help Promote the Contest?

Download our pre-made social media images and share them on your favorite sites.

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