Educational Programs

At PBI, we don’t use the word educate in the traditional way. Yes, we provide facts. Yes, we inform. But, most important, we inspire and empower.

Our educational programs connect people to the magnificent polar bear, motivating them to care. We then connect the people we reach with each other so they can take action and work together to bring about community change.

Why? Because the only way to save polar bears is to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to save their sea ice home.

Browse through our programs and find ways that you can connect and become part of this powerful movement—a movement that will not only save polar bears, but, ultimately, countless other species, including butterflies, frogs, and even humans.

  • Our Project Polar Bear Contest challenges bright, young minds to join us in finding creative ways to motivate and sustain the reduction of CO2
  • And our Tundra Connections broadcasts connect scientists in the field with students in remote locations—ending with a call to action and toolkits that provide pathways to change

Connect. Inspire. Change. That’s what it’s all about. And it starts with you.

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