International Polar Bear Day - Thermostat Challenge

PBI's International Polar Bear Day takes place every year on February 27th. We invite you to join us in celebrating it as a day of action to reduce carbon emissions.

How? By taking our Thermostat Challenge and signing our Petition for Polar Bears:

  • On International Polar Bear Day—or starting any day you choose—adjust your thermostat a few degrees (up or down, depending on where you live) to show your commitment to greenhouse gas reductions.
  • Pledge to make every day a Polar Bear Day by keeping your thermostat adjusted, insulating your home, or taking other steps to save energy.
  • Help polar bears—and people, too!by signing our petition.
  • Make it a community-wide challenge! See our Thermostat Challenge Toolkit, one in a series of community action toolkits, for ideas and support materials.
  • Visit our Save Our Sea Ice Community Page to commit to additional actions. Also take a photo or make a video of your actions and share it in our gallery. For example, you could turn down your heat and show yourself “bundled up” for the bears. Or you could share an image of yourself weather-stripping your doors or saving energy another way.

The Polar Bear Connection
Saving energy produced by carbon-based fuels reduces our carbon emissions and can slow and even reverse global warming, which causes sea ice to melt. Polar bears require sea ice for reaching their prey. Without sea ice, polar bears can't survive.

Did You Know?
Heating and cooling account for roughly half of the energy consumption in an average home, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Want to Learn More?
Visit the EPA website for an overview on climate change and what each of us can do. You can also learn where your energy comes from by visiting your power company's website. Many companies allow you to choose a green option.

The Thermostat Challenge is part of our Save Our Sea Ice (SOS) campaign, a series of celebrations centered around action on climate change. It begins each year on International Polar Bear Day, February 27th, and continues through Polar Bear Week in the fall—although you can take the challenges at any time.

Join polar bear fan Leah Knickerbocker in taking our Thermostat Challenge! Winter or summer, adjusting the thermostat saves energy. Leah uses a programmable thermostat to reduce her energy consumption at night and when she's at work. Details...
These students turned the heat down extra low on International Polar Bear Day and "bundled up" for polar bears! Details...

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