Save Our Sea Ice Campaign

Take part in the carbon-reduction efforts of our SOS campaign to help save the polar bear's habitat. Dick & Val Beck/Polar Bears International. Details...

SOS! - That's Save Our Sea Ice in Polar Bear Language

Polar Bears International’s Save Our Sea Ice campaign focuses attention on the challenges polar bears face in a warming Arctic and the part each of us can play in stopping climate change.

The campaign includes a Petition for Polar Bears that urges action on climate change. It also features a series of conservation challenges that result in energy savings and community action. We’ve linked our challenges to earth awareness days, but you can launch them at any time:

Visit our Save Our Sea Ice Community page to make pledges for the bears and share photos of your actions.

To save polar bear habitat, we need to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Promising shifts are underway in sectors including transportation, energy usage, and food production—all of which have an impact.

You can become part of the momentum for change by speaking up in support of policies and processes that will help us transition to a sustainable society. It’s also important to modify your own habits and take action in your community in support of greener choices—from bikes lanes to farmer’s markets—that make a low-carbon lifestyle easier. 

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