Tree Planting for Polar Bears

An easy, personally gratifying project to combat excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is to plant trees. It's one of the very few tools we have for removing CO2 from the atmosphere. And less CO2 means less global warming and better sea ice conditions for polar bears.

Although the single most important tree-related action is to stop deforestation in tropical rainforests, tree planting in urban areas has many benefits, from energy savings to lower carbon emissions. This simple calculator will help you understand the value of the trees on your property, and the iTrees website lets you dig deeper, with tools to evaluate community forests.

Planting Trees for Polar Bears is a multi-dimensional program. Your DONATION can help fund PBI's efforts to plant Polar Bear Forests® with our partners.

Polar Bear Forest®
The collective impact of urban trees add up to urban forests. These complement large-scale, rural plantings like those by our partner, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR). More here.


Acres for the Atmosphere
Look at what PBI Leadership Camp graduates and Arctic Ambassadors are doing in their local communities—and what a difference it can make for polar bears in the Far North. More here.


Trees for You & Me
Read about what the partnership between PBI and the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) is all about—and see what a little friendly competition can do to help polar bears. More here.