Earth Day - Transportation Challenge

Team up with us for polar bears on Earth Day and every day by pledging to take our Transportation Challenge—and then take the next step through community solutions!

Here's how:

  • On Earth Day—or starting any day you choose—make a pledge to walk, bike, carpool, or use mass transportation when possible.
  • When you do drive, don’t idle! Pledge to turn off your car for waits longer than 10 seconds. This means avoiding drive-through lanes at businesses, turning off your engine in carpool lines, and, in winter, not warming your engine for more than 30 seconds.
  • Support community solutions that reduce carbon emissions related to transportation—from no-idling zones to bike lanes and public transit options. Check out our infographic for information on their impact.

Become part of community change:

The Transportation Challenge is part of our SOS! (Save Our Sea Ice) campaign, a series of celebrations centered around action on climate change. It begins each year on International Polar Bear Day, February 27th, and continues through Polar Bear Week in the fall—although you can take the challenges at any time.