Polar Bear Week - Take the Next Step!

During Polar Bear Week, join us in celebrating this charismatic symbol of the north by taking action. Details...

It’s early November. It’s cold. It’s snowy. And polar bears are waiting for the sea ice to form. It’s Polar Bear Week!

Polar Bear Week provides polar bear enthusiasts with seven full days of celebrating their favorite arctic animal. The event coincides with the fall polar bear migration to Churchill, Manitoba, where polar bears gather to wait for freeze-up on Hudson Bay so they can return to hunting seals. During Polar Bear Week, we focus on how longer ice-free seasons are straining the limits of the bears’ fat reserves, threatening their survival.

The 2014 event is November 2-8. It’s the perfect time to speak up for action on climate change by signing our petition (coming soon).

In addition, we invite you to take the next step to reduce your greenhouse gas footprint by pledging to energy-saving actions that take what you’re already doing a few steps further.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Switch at least one light bulb to an Energy Star certified bulb
  • Adjust your thermostat up or down by two or more degrees, depending on the season, to save energy
  • Add weather-stripping to your windows and doors
  • Insulate your home
  • Switch to a renewable energy source if possible

Help us spread the word:

Did you know?  According to the EPA, in 2012 the greenhouse gas reductions in the U.S. alone from people switching to Energy Star certified light bulbs was equal to planting 9.8 million acres of trees or taking two million cars off the road. That's huge! Or put another way, if every American changed at least ONE bulb to an Energy Star bulb, we would save enough energy to light three million homes for a year.

The Energy Challenge is part of our Save Our Sea Ice (SOS) campaign, a series of celebrations centered around action on climate change. It begins each year on International Polar Bear Day, February 27th, and continues through Polar Bear Week in the fall—although you can take the challenges at any time.