Earth Hour - Power Down Challenge

PBI's social media manager, Melynda Coble-Harrison, celebrated Earth Hour with her family by powering down. Sons Finn and Anders like the idea of a making every hour a Polar Bear Hour! Details...

Celebrate Earth Hour every hour for polar bears by taking our Power Down challenge—and speak up for energy conservation to friends, family members, and elected officials.

Here's how:

  • Switch off the lights for one hour on Earth Hour—8:30 p.m. local time on March 28, 2015—to show your support for action on climate change.
  • Make it a Polar Bear Hour by Powering Down. Unplug energy-sucking devices not in use and then make every hour a Polar Bear Hour by installing smart power strips at home and the office. Or take another action—like replacing an old appliance with an Energy Star appliance—to save energy throughout the year.
  • Have kids? Play our Phantom Power Hunt game.
  • Spread the word. Share our pre-made social media images and content on your favorite networks.
  • Invite others to join you! Give the gift of a smart power strip (with a note explaining why). Or gather with family and friends for a candlelight dinner centered around a discussion of local climate change policy—and how you can get involved. For information, start by searching your state government website and then look for a local climate change action group.
  • Make it a community-wide challenge! See our Power Down Community Action Toolkit for ideas and support materials. 
  • Finally, share photos or videos of your actions on PBI’s Our Save Our Sea Ice Community Page. For example, you could highlight your candlelight dinner or share an image of a smart power strip in action in your home or office.

Why Power Down—and Why Smart Power Strips?

  • Many of our electronic devices at home continue to draw power even when not is use. This is called vampire or phantom power. By unplugging these devices or using power strips you can reduce your energy consumption.
  • Understand the numbers through this fun but informative video by Nigel Holmes and Rowland Holmes.
  • Learn more about specific energy saving tips by appliance.

Did You Know?
When we burn carbon-based fuels, we produce carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas. The amount of CO2 you produce is sometimes called your carbon footprint. Most human-produced CO2 comes from burning fossil fuels for electricity and transportation.

Some people conduct an exercise to measure their carbon footprint, but we find it easier to measure the amount of gas and electricity we use in our homes, the amount of fuel we burn in our cars, and the number and distance traveled for the flights we take.

Want to Learn More?
Connect here for more information on CO2 emissions by source and how we can reduce them.

The Power Down Challenge is part of our SOS! (Save Our Sea Ice) campaign, a series of celebrations centered around action on climate change. It begins each year on International Polar Bear Day, February 27th, and continues through Polar Bear Week in the fall—although you can take the challenges at any time.