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Take action! Save Our Sea Ice and keep polar bears in the Arctic, always.

Polar Bear TV

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Take a virtual trip to the tundra with us through these favorite clips from last year's polar bear migration. And don't forget to make a pledge and/or share a photo in the Commit List and Gallery below!


 Join us in celebrating Arctic Sea Ice Day by signing our Petition for Polar Bears and greening your grocery list. Why? Because your food choices have an impact on the sea ice that wild polar bears need for their survival.

Today I commit to:

  • I committed to Buy locally grown food
  • Choose that are grown locally and sustainably. You'll reduce food miles (and support local farmers!). A good place to start is your local farmers' market.

  • I committed to Choose organically grown products
  • Why organic? You'll help reduce the emissions caused by chemical fertilizers.

  • I committed to Buy minimally processed foods
  • Join the Slow Food movement! You'll eat more healthily and will reduce your carbon footprint.

  • I committed to Buy minimally packaged foods
  • Buy in bulk when you can and avoid foods with excess packaging. 

  • I committed to Eat less meat
  • By cutting back on meat, you'll reduce your carbon footprint.

  • I committed to Choose free-range meat or poultry
  • When you do buy meat, choose local, sustainably raised meat or poultry instead of products from CAFOs (concentrated animal feedlot operations).

  • I committed to Avoid foods that contribute to tropical deforestation
  • Examples include palm oil, coffee that isn’t shade-grown and South American beef. 

  • I committed to Sign the Petition for Polar Bears
  • Let world leaders know that you want meaningful action on climate change by sharing our Petition for Polar Bears—and then invite others to sign, too!


Are you helping polar bears throught the Green House Grocery List Challenge? Or taking other steps to help? Share photos or videos of your actions on Instagram with #saveourseaice and we'll add them to our gallery. 

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