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Take action! Save Our Sea Ice and keep polar bears in the Arctic, always.

Polar Bear TV

Polar Bear TV

Our live cam views of the polar bear migration will continue through late November. 

We hope you enjoy this window onto the polar bear's world.

And don't forget! Sign the Petition for Polar Bears and then take the next step by pledging to reduce your carbon footprint in our Commit List below. Then share a photo or video of your actions in our gallery.

Next Tundra Connection Webcast:

The Polar Bear Cam in partnership with and Frontiers North Adventures will continue into late November. If you're looking for our Tundra Connections® webcasts, they've ended for this year--but you'll find links to the archives on our Fall Schedule


Celebrate Polar Bear Week with us, every week, by speaking up for action on climate change! And then take the next step by reducing your greenhouse gas footprint through additional energy-saving actions.

Today I commit to:

  • I committed to Change my incandescent light bulbs to Energy Star certified bulbs
  • According to the EPA, if every American changed at least ONE bulb to an Energy Star bulb, we would save enough energy to light three million homes for a year. That's huge!

  • I committed to Adjust my thermostat up or down by two or more degrees, depending on the season

  • I committed to Add weather-stripping to my windows and doors

  • I committed to Walk or ride my bike to work or school

  • I committed to Switch to a green energy source if available
  • I committed to Insulate my home
  • I committed to Replace an old appliance with an Energy Star appliance
  • Save even more energy by making sure the appliances you use are energy-efficient Energy Star products.
  • I committed to Unplug electronic devices when not in use or use power strips

    Many of our electronic devices at home and work continue to draw power even when not is use. This is called vampire or phantom power. By unplugging these devices or using power strips you can reduce your energy consumption.



Show how you’re doing your part to help polar bears! Share photos or videos of your actions on Instagram with the hashtag #saveourseaice and we'll add them to our gallery. 

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