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Take action! Save Our Sea Ice and keep polar bears in the Arctic, always.

Polar Bear TV

Polar Bear TV

'Tis almost the season! Our live cam views of the polar bear migration and our Tundra Connections broadcasts will be starting soon.

Until then, enjoy replays from last year's polar bear season.

And don't forget: take the next step to help bears by pledging in our Commit List below and share a photo of your actions in our gallery.

Next Tundra Connection Webcast:

Missed our Spring series? Watch the archives here. And check back for more great Tundra Connections webcasts this fall. 


Join us in celebrating Arctic Sea Ice Day, July 12, by greening your grocery list. Why? Because your food choices have an impact on the sea ice that wild polar bears need for their survival.

Today I commit to:

  • I committed to Buy locally grown foods
  • Become a locavore! You'll reduce food miles (and you'll support local farmers).

  • I committed to Choose organically grown products
  • Why organic? You'll reduce the emissions caused by chemical fertilizers. 

  • I committed to Buy minimally processed foods
  • Join the Slow Food movement! You'll eat more healthily and will reduce your carbon footprint.

  • I committed to Buy minimally packaged foods
  • Buy in bulk when you can and avoid foods with excess packaging.

  • I committed to Eat less meat and dairy, more fruits and vegetables
  • Strive for at least three meatless days a week to reduce your carbon footprint. Become a vegan, vegetarian or demitarian! 

  • I committed to Buy free-range meat or poultry
  • Buy local, sustainably raised meat or poultry instead of products from CAFOs (concentrated animal feedlot operations).

  • I committed to Make sure my seafood choices are eco-friendly
  • Check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium's ocean-friendly seafood choices

  • I committed to Avoid foods that contribute to tropical deforestation
  • Examples include palm oil, coffee that isn’t shade-grown and South American beef.


Show how you’re doing your part to help polar bears! Share photos of your actions on Instagram or our Facebook wall with the hashtag #saveourseaice and we'll add them to our gallery. 

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