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Take action! Save Our Sea Ice and keep polar bears in the Arctic, always.

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Next Tundra Connection Webcast:

Our spring Tundra Connections webcasts have ended. Enjoy these highlights from last fall's polar bear season until the Polar Bear Cam returns in the fall.


Make EVERY day an Earth Day: Pledge to take our Transportation Challenge. Why? Because nearly 30% of global carbon emissions come from transportation. Community solutions that encourage walking, biking, and mass transit can have a big impact in reducing those emissions and saving Arctic sea ice.

Today I commit to:

  • I committed to Take mass transit and drive less.
  • The average household that uses public transportation saves an average of $6,521 every year. That’s just over the amount of money a U.S household spends on food each year!

  • I committed to Support my community's investment in mass transit.
  • In the U.S., public transportation use reduces the nation’s carbon emissions by 37 million metric tons annually. That’s like saving the electricity used in New York City, D.C., Atlanta, Denver, and Los Angeles combined!

  • I committed to Stop idling. Turn off my engine for waits longer than 10 seconds.
  • Idling vehicles waste fuel and money and release heat-trapping gases that contribute to climate change. If idling was eliminated in New York City alone, you would save enough fuel to take a road trip across the United States 228 times

  • I committed to Work to set up a no idle zone at my work place, school, or church.
  • Check out our No Idling Toolkit for resources and tips on how to do this.

  • I committed to Bike more. Support bike lanes and bike highways.
  • Investment in bike infrastructure has made biking comfortable, safe, and dignified in Denmark, making car ownership optional. In fact, cycling accounts for 24% of all commuter trips in Denmark. Nine out of 10 Danes own a bike and 44% of all children bike to school.

  • I committed to Help start a bike commute challenge at my workplace or school.
  •  Our bike commute challenge toolkits will help you do this: one for adults (biking to work) and one for kids (biking to school).

  • I committed to Encourage my friends, family, and colleagues to join me.
  • Share our Transportation Challenge with others for an even bigger impact. The key to getting the climate system back to functioning the way it should and to preserving a future for polar bears across the Arctic, is to move away from fossil fuels for energy altogether. In the meantime, we can take steps to use much, much less of the kind of energy that adds heat-trapping gases to our atmosphere.


Are you taking the next step for polar bears? Share photos or videos of your actions on Instagram with #saveourseaice and we'll add them to our gallery. 

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