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Take action! Save Our Sea Ice and keep polar bears in the Arctic, always.

Polar Bear TV

Next Tundra Connection Webcast:

Our live Polar Bear Cam has ended for the 2015 season. Until it returns again next fall, please enjoy these highlights. To watch a webcast from the season, visit our Tundra Connections Archive.


 Polar Bear Week will return next November. In the meantime, celebrate Polar Bear Week with us, every week, by signing our Petition for Polar Bears! And then take the next step by reducing your greenhouse gas footprint through additional energy-saving actions.

Today I commit to:

  • I committed to Change my incandescent light bulbs to Energy Star certified bulbs
  • According to the EPA, if every American changed at least ONE bulb to an Energy Star bulb, we would save enough energy to light THREE MILLION homes for a year.

  • I committed to Adjust my thermostat up or down by two or more degrees, depending on the season, to save energy
  • If every American adjusted their thermostat by just one degree, it would save as much energy as the state of Iowa uses in an entire year!

  • I committed to Unplug electronic devices when not in use or use power strips
  • In the U.S. alone, the energy wasted each year by phantom power is equal to the output from 18 typical power plant stations!

  • I committed to Replace an old appliance with an Energy Star product
  • If every household and business switched to Energy Star products, the CO2 savings would be like taking 17 MILLION CARS off the road!

  • I committed to Suggest the use of power strips at my school or work place
  • Scale up! The more people who commit to the Power Down Challenge, the less energy we'll waste—and the less CO2 we'll pump into the atmosphere.

  • I committed to Properly weatherstrip, caulk,and insulate my home
  • If air leaks were sealed in every home in ONE small city, it could cut as much CO2 as conserving 1,600,000 gallons of gasoline every year! 

  • I committed to Walk, bike, or take mass transist
  • When the city of Boulder, Colorado promoted a program that encouraged residents to leave their cars at home one day a week, they saved more CO2 than a car would emit driving to the moon and back!

  • I committed to Sign the Petition for Polar Bears
  • Let world leaders know you want meaningful action on climate change by sharing our Petition for Polar Bears—and then invite others to sign, too!


Are you taking the next step for polar bears? Share photos or videos of your actions on Instagram with #saveourseaice and we'll add them to our gallery. 

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