Spring Tundra Connections

Willy, a polar bear at the North Carolina Zoo, was known for his playful personality. Details...
© Valerie Abbott

Our 2015 Spring Tundra Connections® webcast will be aimed at climate change interpreters who work in professional settings like zoos, museums, and aquariums. You can watch archives from last spring via the links below. 

Polar Bear Play
Why do polar bears play? Watch Buzz and Neil, two Como Park Zoo polar bears, test their skills at the zoo's training wall while learning about polar bear behavior.

Polar Bears and Cheetahs: Hope for Two Iconic Species
Join us for a new dialogue on climate change with scientists Steven Amstrup and Laurie Marker. Learn about two amazing species, the cheetah and the polar bear, and explore two threatened ecosystems, the African savannah and Arctic sea ice. 

Connected Classrooms - Explore the Tundra Through Google Street View
The Google Maps team visited the polar bear capital of the world last fall and collected Street View imagery with our help. Join us to learn how we collected the imagery, how climate change is impacting polar bears, and what you can do to save them! 
Educational Materials: Google Streetview Unit and Lessons

We're grateful to our Platinum Sponsor, Frontiers North Tundra Buggy Adventure. Generous support has also been provided by explore.org, the philanthropic media organization and multi-media arm of The Annenberg Foundation, as part of its Pearls of the Planet initiative, a variety of live feeds that aim to help people fall in love with the world again.

Special thanks also to Cheetah Conservation FundComo Zoo, Google MapsGoogle for Education Connected Classrooms, and San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. To learn more about the Google Street View Trek in Churchill, Manitoba visit the Treks page HEREBear hugs also to Julene Reed, an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Teacher and PBI Education Advisory Council member, who directs the PBI Tundra Connections program.