Polar Bears: The Natural History of a Threatened Species - SIGNED BY IAN STIRLING - SALE PRICE!

Ian Stirling. Polar Bears: The Natural History of a Threatened Species. Trade paperback. 330 pages. 2011.

Signed by the author! Renowned polar bear scientist Dr. Ian Stirling compresses 40 years of research on these iconic mammals into a new and comprehensive natural history. In accessible language, he explains their evolution, life history, behavior, how they are researched, and the current threat to their very existence. He also explains why the polar bears of Hudson Bay have become so important to our understanding of the species. The book is beautifully illustrated with a diverse collection of world-class photography.

"Ian Stirling's groundbreaking studies of polar bears laid much of the foundation for both current research on the species and our present day understanding of them. No one can now look at these highly intelligent, threatened creatures without worrying about a world that could cause their possible extinction—and wondering how we have allowed it to come to this point. We must take action. As this book clearly illustrates, their loss would be our loss as well." — Robert Buchanan, Founder, Polar Bears International

We have reduced the price of this book to $20 to compete with online booksellers in an effort to celebrate Ian's expertise and commitment to PBI and polar bears worldwide.  Help us spread his valuable message and knowledge!